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Gluten-free decorative unicorn cake with rainbow mane pink ears and gold horn


The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Perfect for the chocolate lover! This luxurious chocolate cake has melted Whittaker’s chocolate in the batter and in its chocolate buttercream.

gluten-free  dairy-free option

Vanilla Cake

Fluffy yet firm vanilla cake with vanilla bean paste. Pairs well with vanilla buttercream. 

gluten-free  dairy-free option

Red Velvet Cake

This deep red cake is a classic. Goes well and looks great with cream cheese icing. 


Carrot Cake

Super moist with delicious spices and walnuts for a bit of crunch. Pairs well with cream cheese icing. 

gluten-free  dairy-free option

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

This cake is fruity and fluffy yet juicy (doused with lemon syrup) with just that little bit of crunch from the poppy seeds. Ideally topped with lemon cream cheese icing. 

gluten-free  dairy-free option