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How it all began…

Welcome to this brand-new space! We’re so excited to take you with us on this journey!

In a few weeks, we will open Lang’s Little Bakery’s doors. It still sounds weird telling myself that. Although it has actually been a long time coming.

That little cake slice you can see on our logo is a slice of Black Forest Gateau. And that’s where we are from – the beautiful Black Forest in Germany, home of the Black Forest Gateau and where delicious baking is always present. So, it’s no surprise that we live and breathe baking, it’s our language of love.

When I grew up, there was always something in the oven, especially for afternoon tea in the weekends. Having people over for “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake) is a thing in Germany. I learned to bake from my mum, my grandma and my great-grandma, and I still have my grandma’s cookbook with many of her favourite baking recipes.

When we moved to New Zealand in 2006, Hannah was four, and Eva was still a baby, and we made sure they also grew up loving to bake and baking with love. Our closer friends now all know what we mean when we ask them over for “Kaffee und Kuchen”.

In February 2022, Hannah decided to take things a step further, to make her hobby a job, and she started a pastry cheffing degree at AUT in Auckland. But her health took a very quick downturn, and just four weeks in, she was diagnosed with coeliac disease and was devastated to have to abandon her studies. We thought she would have to give up her dream as the constant presence of gluten in the school kitchen was unsustainable for her health. 

So we learned how to cook and bake without gluten. And let me tell you: it can be done! Slowly but surely, we came to a point where we were baking for friends and friends of friends, and no one noticed our baking was gluten-free! That’s when we decided to make Hannah’s dream come true and to open a gluten-free bakery. And that’s how our big adventure, Lang’s Little Bakery, began. 

Of course, this whole plan would never work without the support of you, our customers. It’s our biggest joy to put a smile on your face with our baking! Please feel free to get in touch any time with feedback, your wishes and suggestions. We love hearing from you!

Baking for you, with love …

Sabine & Co.